Sensory self-care has the aim of calming the mind and bring your awareness to the present and your surroundings. When looking at sensory self-care activities it is important to remember all senses, smell, touch, sight and sound. Often we are more responsive to a certain sense, what might this sense be for you. By targeting the sense that you respond best with, you will get the most reward from this area of self-care.

Some ideas for sensory self-care activities:

  • Cuddle up with a soft blanket.
  • Going for a walk in nature, taking in the fresh air.
  • Watching a candle burn or a fire.
  • Having a hot shower or bath and feel the water on your skin.
  • Focus on the movements of the breath.
  • Lay and listen to music, only focusing on the music.
  • Sitting in the sun, focusing on the warmth of the sun.
  • Watch the sun rise or set.
  • Just sit and watch the clouds.
  • Taking time out from the business environment.

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