Social self-care is about just having fun with the people that matter to you. Socialising helps to increase positive health outcomes. This area of self-care is not measured by the quantity but rather the quality of the social ties. Social self-care is not about being a people pleaser, it is about feeling connected to those around us.

Here are some ideas of social self-care activities:

  • Having a family dinner.
  • Join a team or group.
  • Host a games night.
  • Take a walk with someone.
  • Girls night out/in.
  • Date night.
  • Calling a friend/ family member.
  • Book club.
  • Games night with friends.
  • Spend time with those that lift your sprits up.
  • Spend time with those that encourage you and not those that are just an influence.
  • Always take time to laugh.

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