Love your body.

Cocoshore is a homemade vegan and organic body product business.

To promote the importance and benefits of self-care through providing a means and a reason for ‘me time’/ self-care. Giving yourself permission to take the time to recharge, so you can be the best version of yourself. Little pouches of love, made from all organic and vegan components. You can rest assure that there are no harmful chemicals going onto your skin.

Being handmade products you will know what it is you are getting. All of the ingredients in our products have a purpose to help your skin. No nasties and everything is good for you.

Lets meet the team of Cocoshore.

Olivia – The owner, maker and everything else.

Miss Olivia lives with her mother and her other passion her dogs. She has just got herself her own puppy which keeps her very busy. But likes to sit beside her mother when she is working giving her encouragement and lots of love and support.

Although she might be a young adult she has got big dreams. She may have just ‘fallen’ into this business, but she is slowly making it hers and ready to take on the world. This young lady is passionate about self care and people taking some time out for themselves. She takes the no nasties tag of her product very seriously, making sure that everything is there for a reason. Olivia’s self-care activities are pilates, craft, collecting and sorting craft, cause lets be real doing and collecting/sorting craft supplies are two seperate things. Can never watch Gilmore Girls too much.


Introductory Aromatherapy Certificate.

Certificate III in Business.

Certificate IV in Small Business Management.

Diploma of Holistic Life Coaching & Mind-Body Practitioner.


Princess – Thinks she is boss:

I maybe small but I am very bossy and demanding. I know you maybe wondering what breed I am. Lets see if you have heard of my breed before … I am a seven-year-old Schipperke. I maybe going grey, but that is our little secret, I am still a puppy at heart. I watch while my human makes these body products to make sure they are made right.


Minnie – The clown.

Hi everyone, I am Minnie, a two-year-old Miniature Bull Terrier. I am full of energy from the moment I get out of bed to when I crush after dinner. You will find me in the sun, my favourite spot. I take nothing seriously. You can not go a day in this house without laughing and I like to think that is because of me, even if I don’t know what is going on, or why they are laughing. I love a good zoomie, gardening and being part of whatever is going on. My favourite part of the business is packing the orders. I love to help even if they say I’m getting in the way.


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