As we defined the different types of self-care you would have noticed that there was mental and emotional self-care. Emotional Self-Care is about caring for your emotions. We will explore what that looks like here. Emotional self-care is about learning to stay with those feelings and homour the emotional before moving forward.

Release your emotions. Sometimes you just need to feel the emotions.

Acceptance of yourself as you are is so important.

Here are some ideas of what emotional self-care is:

  • Journaling: thoughts, feeling, emotions, events or brain dump. Journaling does not have to be writing.
  • Let the emotions out: cry, laugh, watch a funny movie.
  • Find a song that speaks to your current emotion.
  • Give yourself permission to feel your emotions. Even if they are painful. Do this without judgement of guilt.
  • Talking to someone. Share the load.
  • Meditation.
  • Learn to say no.
  • Learn to accept compliments without feeling awkward.
  • Learning to accept mistakes.
  • Acknowledge your emotions.
  • Learn HEALTHY copying skills.
  • Practicing gratitude.
  • Love yourself.
  • Praise yourself.
  • Positive affirmations.
  • Cuddle with your pet.

All emotions are essentially “energy in motion.” They are not good or bad. They are just energy.

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