The start of the year there is always talk about setting New Years resolutions. Why does this only have to be at the start of the year…we often don’t achieve that resolution and feel like we have failed.

New year, new me. Why do we alway have to change. Why do we need New Years resolutions. We often set a resolutions that we don’t care about. We set them cause we feel we have to. There is no passion or drive to achieve the resolution.

Resolution also gives the impression that we need to fix something. A better way to look at this is to improve an aspect of your life. This doesn’t have to be personal, but something general in life.

Why not set a goal for each month that build on each other. Break the pressure down.

We need goals/ steps to how we can achieve this new year resolution. Break the resolution into smaller goals. Something that is achievable. Lets set ourselves up for success.

Don’t make a goal that you feel that others want you to achieve or something that doesn’t mean anything to you. It has to be important for you to work towards.

Let’s aim to set ourselves up right from the start of the year.

Love your body.

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