Affirmations have been around for a while now. You can make them suit you and your current life stage. Affirmations are not a one size fits all. That is what I love about them, affirmations are easily adaptable and individual to everyone. There is no right or wrong way to practice affirmations. What’s the harm in giving it a go, a little bit of positive light in your life. They are not going to change your life straight away or drastically but they may shed some positive light in your mind.

Saying, reading and listening to affirmation is a great way to practice self-care. You are making time for yourself, while trying to improve your mindset. Practicing affirmation is something quick and has so many benefits. The affirmations will only work if you truely believe in the statement. When you believe in the statement, then positive changes will happen. Make sure that the statement is positive and in present tenses. When practising your affirmation, make sure you are fully present to what you are saying, writing or listening. Focus on each word.

For me I have collected affirmations and quotes for many years, but only this year I have started listening to them. I found when listening to them you find yourself saying them after the person. I am on the journey to seeing if affirmations will help me. I believe if you are consistent and find ones that work for you, they will help. Creating a journal of affirmation that you resinate with will help you remember them and you can get creative with this.

The good thing about affirmations is that you can personalise every aspect of your practice. There are no rules about when and how often you need to say the affirmation, just that repetition is key. You can say the affirmation aloud to yourself in the mirror, say it to yourself, listening to them or write it down. Put the affirmation around your house and workspace as daily reminders to say the affirmations. As repetition is key. It is going to take time to notice change in your mindset.

You can change your affirmation to fit what is currently happening in your life. Make the affirmation relevant to you and the stage of life you are currently at. Making sure that the affirmations are clear and specific as it makes it easier for your brain to process. By using ‘I am’ statements, it helps the subconscious mind believe these statements as truth.

Affirmation are a self-help tool to help you on your journey of self improvement. Affirmation may not be for everyone. It takes time to notice the change. The aim is to strengthen the positive, optimistic brain pathways.

So go out today and find some affirmation that resinate with you and start repeating them.

Shed some positive light on your mindset.

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