The expectations and reality of self-care has become a bigger issue since people are posting ‘their’ self-care. Why does there need to be expectations on self-care when self-care is a personal and individual thing.

The expectation of self-care is that it is bubble baths and face mask, which can be self-care for some, but it does not have to be. With these images and expectations the notion of self-care is being portrayed as self-indulgence. Self-care is not always indulgent nor easy.

You can plan to have this ‘perfect’ self-care plan, but forget to account for the external factors that might stop you. Then this can cause stress and we then forget to take time for self-care. We do not need the perfect self-care plan, just time in each day to take a break to be able to refocus. We all like to think that we have the perfect, well rounded self-care routine, but then we struggle to make the time to better care for ourselves.

Why do we even have this notion of expectations VS reality. It just puts more pressure on people and makes them feel like they are not good enough. With images being shared on social media creates expectations of self-care, thus it makes it seem like self-care is only for certain people.

When you remember the aspect of social media, expectations and reality is still present. But it is an internal issue, by putting pressure on ourselves to achieve everything in one day. We need to remember to bring our expectations back to what is realistic, reality of what is achievable. We need to break this cycle, and remember that we can only do our best. And that we DO NEED TO TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES.

Remember that self-care is simply caring for yourself. Does not need to be fancy or expensive, just effective. Remember to make time to care for yourselves. Forget about the social media expectations and stop placing unrealistic expectations on ourselves.

Let’s Live Our Best Lives! <3

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