Lately I have been thinking about why I am in this business. What is my why for the business.

To be honest at the start, I was just grasping at a straw trying to find a purpose in life. But as time has gone on and the business has evolved. I have found my place. I have been able to create something that I can be proud of. I have found new passions and have meet some wonderful people along the way.

I am now forming a clear vision of what I want Cocoshore to be. I want to form a community that values themselves and put themselves first. I want to create something more than just a body product range/ business. I want to form a community. A self-care community.

Lets spread the message that we all deserve time for self-care. We all need to have some self-care.

We want to create products that make you feel good using them and that have benefits for your skin. We want to make sure that everything we make contain only skin loving ingredients.

We value supporting other Australian Small Businesses. This is important to us, to make sure that we are sourcing things locally and from other small businesses. The bonds that we have formed with other businesses are special and it has helped me find who I am and what I want Cocoshore to be.

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